What Happens in an Internet Minute?


Internet Minute

Great new infographic from Intel showing what happens in 1 internet minute, from their analysis of major traffic sources. Some of the highlights:

  • Every minute, 639,800GB of global IP data is transferred
  • Amazon rings up about $83,000 in sales
  • 204 million e-mails are sent
  • 20 million photos are viewed on Flickr
  • Twitter processes 100,000 new tweets and 320 new Twitter accounts are created
  • 30 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded and 1.3 million videos are viewed
  • Facebook has 6 million page views and 277,000 logins every minute

And if those numbers seem staggering, consider that Intel expects the number of networked devices to double by 2015, to more than twice the population of the planet!

Internet Minute